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Raising the level of Malta within the aviation industry

The National Aerospace Centre, NAC, is committed to support the aviation industry. This will be done by identifying areas of attention and addressing respective needs. This will raise the level and calibre of Malta within the aviation industry. The aviation industry can be divided in several sectors; Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul organisations, ground handlers, Air Navigation Service Providers, airlines and airports. The NAC aims to impact all of these sectors through its varied operations. Among the myriad of expected operations, the NAC will provide the following services:

  •  The NAC will build on the level of knowledge and expertise that is currently available to the NAC in research areas such as Avionics, Air Traffic Management (ATM). The NAC will also develop knowledge and expertise through research in areas which are emerging at a national level, such as unmanned aerial systems, UAS, and composite materials.
  • Through the construction of a flight test facility, the NAC will provide local and international industry, academia, and the general public with a platform where one can test the various technologies developed in the field of UAS.
  • The NAC will act as a bridge between different aerospace companies at a national and global level, thus enabling the strengthening of ties and better communication between parties that will aid coherent execution of projects.
  • Through research-based knowledge, the NAC will be able to assist and support academia in the development of specialised educational courses at tertiary level.
  • Through the construction of training facilities, the NAC will provide the necessary infrastructure required to hold classes, lectures, seminars and training courses addressed to academia, local, and international companies.
  • The NAC will provide, on request, technical and industrial advice to the government and its agencies on matters related to aerospace.
  • The NAC will also promote the aerospace sector to the general public in Malta in order to promote young people to pursue careers in aerospace.

It must be noted that due to the wide range of areas of research the NAC will delve into and services it plans to provide, not all areas will be explored simultaneously in the immediate future. This will ensure sustainability of financial resources since expenditures for human resources, equipment and facilities will be tailored according to the priority and requirements of each project.




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